The Digital Nomad

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The best business type for you is …

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The Digital Nomad

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About Affiliate Marketing …

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I hesitated to use ‘The Digital Nomad’ here, primarily because the phrase is so laden with different meanings for each person who sees it, and everyone uses it to describe ANY business which can be operated remotely under this umbrella (which is silly because pretty much every business can be remote these days).

Here’s the thing

You’re here because you are looking to make some money, without spending any money, and you’re happy to leverage your time to do so.

Maybe you’re in a tough spot, maybe you want some extra cash to grow a business, maybe you just want to escape your job…

I really get it. I’ve been there.

In fact, my own copywriting business was born out of this situation – except I didn’t have a clear answer given to me, I just started reaching out to every decent prospect under the sun to see if I could help.

There are actually quite a bit of really great legitimate opportunities to just make some money doing work, but doing so in a way which leverages your time and your location.

Wouldn’t you rather make your current salary or more from your pajamas at home?

Yea that’s actually quite possible. And legitimately. I’m not talking about filling out surveys or doing some scammy stuff. I’m talking about connecting you to real legitimate opportunities, where other business owners need people just like you to come in and get some stuff done.

Sound good?

I’m going to share a lot more on this with you in the weeks to come …

For now,

Check your email – you’ll recieve something from me in the next 15 minutes

(As a note, this page is an early version here and incomplete. I’m going to be finishing this up and connecting with you via email to help you along more)

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