So You’re Interested …

Thank you for your interest!

You’ve been “segmented” in my email system based off your activity.

In the future I’ll email you about more specific subjects (namely, what you just showed interest in my clicking).

For now, you can go back to enjoying the rest of the series you were in the midst of.

  • Joseph

By the way …

I’m being MUCH more explicit about what exactly is happening here, because pointing out the structure makes understanding my methods easier for you.

Sometimes the click is to a related article. Sometimes I DO send people to a thank you page, with a further action.

One tenement I hold to, which you’ll see repeated often, is that I always try to answer this:

Whenever someone lands on a page/video/email that I own …

I want to be sure they know where they are, they know why they are there, and know what they should be doing next.

Guiding and managing expectations is important and powerful.