Saferoom – Level 7 – The End

… You step through the Gateway, and find yourself in the familiar Cabin.

Only this time,

The chairs are set to the side.

There’s no fire.

There’s a new desk – an old timey wood rolltop desk – which you see me sitting at, writing with a quill.

The center of the room is open with a red woven rug.

You step in and wait.

I turn around in my chair, put down my quill and stand up, walking over to you.

“Well done. You finished!”

No hint of surprise this time.

“It was all … pretty straightforward” you say

“Hah, yes. That’s really how it all is in the end. There aren’t actually many tricks.

You nod.

“What happens now?”

“Well, I said ‘it depends’ before, because … that’s almost always the answer. It depends on what you want, and how you want it.

If you have chosen The Path of Mastery as an email copywriter, or whatever kind of copywriter you want to think yourself as, and you like what I’ve shared with you so far, I’m happy to be here for you on your journey.

There are a few ways I can help.”

I walk over to the bookshelf,

And start pulling out a few books.

I walk back to the center of the room, wave my hand, and an intricately crafted wood table appears … polished and shaped tree branches arc up from the floor to hold a slice of a tree trunk gently.

I start laying the books down over the rings of the trunk.

I point to the first one,

It says “The Guardian Academy” and has a Yin/Yang looking icon on the cover

“These are more than books. They are gateways to other areas where you may find guidance and support. Places where I do much of my work.

In this one” pointing to The Guardian Academy

“I am the primary writer. TGA is a much deeper group than a publication, with live events and an extensive network of talented people. We have ties in with Joe Polish and The Genius Network, among other people and groups.

That book will take you to The Guardian Academy Substack, where each Friday I publish content exclusive to TGA+ members (you can become a member for $10/mo)”

I set that book aside and pull forward another

This one is similar,

Same Yin/Yang icon on the cover.

It says “Man Bites Dog”

“This one is a separate Substack from the other, where we go in depth on specific applications of TGA Principles and Philosophy into Marketing and Advertising.

You’ll find a series from Laurel Portié there, along with a growing list of content I am personally contributing surrounding my experience as an email copywriter and marketer.”

I slide forward another book.

This one is green,

Intricately crafted cover reminiscent of the table it’s lying on.

It says “Growing Trees”

“This,” I say with quite reverence “Is my personal exploration of life as a writer. I don’t go into depth on marketing specifically, but I do explore writing about writing. Because it’s what I do. I also explore my life as a Husband and Father of 4.

Life lessons following my approach of living life by loving the process of growth rather than trying to grow the biggest thing.”

I stack the 3 books.

And pull forward two pamphlets.

The first one says “AI Email Masters”

“In my experience working as a copywriter, over the past 3 years I developed an approach to integrating AI into my work which reduced my personal working time on client projects by 70% and sometimes a lot more.

In partnership with Lukas Resheske, I launched AI Email Masters to teach my process of integrating AI as a working copywriter. It’s not a course on prompts, it’s a course on principles and how to consistently and reliably integrate AI into your work, without compromising your skill, creativity, or personality.

Right now I have this course available at a discount for $197 vs the $297 final price I’m aiming for, because I’m still finishing some details following the Beta launch in first quarter of 2024. Once I’m finished and refine the course presentation, I’ll raise the price.

Though if you get it now, you’ll receive any improvements I make over time.”

I set that on top of the stack of books.

The final pamphlet says “New Email Masters”

“This one is special. You can’t get it anywhere else. And I can’t even give you this pamphlet to take.

Here’s the deal.

If you are an email copywriter or interested in being an email copywriter and you want to improve your skills at producing valuable emails for clients, as well as your skills in attaining work as an email copywriter, New Email Masters is one of the best courses available.

It is produced and owned by Lukas Resheske.

He currently does not make it available public. However, I have the ability to bring my people into this program.

If you are interested, reply to any email from me, and I’ll get you in. The program currently is $2000″

I take that pamphlet back, and stack the other books and AI Email Masters pamphlet up for you.

Then I walk over to my desk and pick up the paper I was writing on.

“This,” I say, walking back to you “Is part of my daily email.

I write this every day.

Now that you’ve completed my adventure, you will start receiving this each morning.

I tend to send them at about 9 AM PST, though some days I am delayed.

I write about little details of my life and try to illuminate new understanding for you as someone who is on this path of mastery.

Now that you’re finished, starting tomorrow you’ll receive my daily email.

If you don’t like it,

That’s fine. There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email which will take you out of here.”

I look at the paper in my hand.

“Here, check this one out. It’s an older one you might find enjoyable.”

I hand you a letter titled: ‘The entire day in one sentence’

“And that’s all I’ve got.

I appreciate you visiting my little world here. Feel free to stay as long as you like, make yourself comfortable.

I’ll be over here writing.”

I walk back to my desk, sit down, take a sip of coffee, and start writing.