Saferoom – Level 6

… You step out of the Gateway into the familiar warm Cabin.

No snow this time.

No being trapped on the steps.

You see me standing by the fireplace stoking the logs.

“Well … I think I’m getting better at dealing with the AI at least” – you comment

“Ah yes … I saw you beat that one into the ground, nice work. Eventually you’ll learn how to master it, but that’s not important right now.”

You nod.

“So, that level was all about getting people to follow you yea?”

I turn around, grab my coffee, and have a seat.

I take a sip, steeple my fingers, and consider you for a moment.

“The beast in the plaza was trying to force things to happen.

You took the way that made sense to you. You let go of control, and allowed people to follow you.

On a philosophical level, this is a concept called Power vs Force. Where Force has distinct limitations. You can get something in the short term, yes, but you inevitably run out of Force and have to face all the problems caused by it.

Power is more like gravity. It just exists. And the more you put into Power, the more people will be pulled to you.

But more to the point of what actually happened there,

You built yourself your own crowd of hungry fans.

Pleased to follow you no matter what.

This brings us full circle on how this all started.”

We’re sitting face to face, fire crackling.

I take a sip and lean forward.

“You entered this as the copywriter who chose the long path of mastery out of The Valley of Despair, over the climb and fight of Mount Stupid.

There might be a lot of dopamine to be had on Mount Stupid, but the fall is precipitous and most people fall.

The long climb out of The Valley of Despair is hard and arduous.

But it is forever life giving.

One of the most valuable perspectives I’d hope for you to leave with is called Raise the Floor.

A concept I could have made that level all about,

But on it’s own it’s rather esoteric. Easier to illustrate the power of building your own hungry crowd by leading them vs forcing them.

Because, when it comes to email, the best way to Raise the Floor is to focus on building that hungry crowd.

It’s not a direct ‘win,’ like selling people a product or service.

But what do you think is going to happen in the long run if you just focus on growing a larger and larger hungry crowd?

The inevitability of growth is what.”

I get up and walk over to the bookshelf to grab another book.

“Here, take this one as well.”

The title says “Raising the Floor”

The concept can be summarized like this – Instead of constantly trying to beat your best, work on beating your worst. It’s far easier and more consistent.”

I sit back down and kick my feet up on the stone hearth.

“As a copywriter/freelancer, it often looks like this. Most copywriters I’ve spoken with have a desire to hit the $10k/mo mark. For most, that amount of money is freeing.

So you think.

But what often happens, especially when you hit $10k for the first time, is that you start to push for more. You hit $10k one month, and then you try to hit $10k or more the next month, and you keep trying to get more and more each month.

This is explained in that book, but I feel compelled to make the point here …

If your best month is $10k, by definition that’s the rarest result you’ll get. It’s so hard to beat your best.

On the flip side if your worst month is $1k … don’t you think it would be easier to do better than that? You have evidence of doing better than your worst, but you have NO evidence of doing better than your best.

So instead of trying to beat $10k, you just improve on your worst. And you keep improving on your worst. Eventually, you find your average is far higher than it ever was before, and eventually your worst surpasses your previous best.”

I walk over and refill my coffee.

“If you want to work as a copywriter for a long time, I promise you that’s the best framework you can adopt for ‘success’ – at least financially speaking.”

I walk over and sit back down by the fire.

“Now, Raising the Floor in email is to stop focusing on making more sales, and instead just increase the number of starving fans you have.

Which do you think is easier to consistently do?

Beat your best sales month? Or just grow the amount of people who love what you do?

That doesn’t mean you don’t sell.

That means put your people first, because as long as you have them, YOU will never be starving.

You’ll find through the process, that nothing actually grows your sales faster or more consistently than just having an ever growing crowd of people who’ll buy anything you make.”

You open your mouth as if to say something, and then settle back.

I sit back and wait.

“Ahh … isn’t that just building an audience?” you eventually remark

I steeple my fingers and nod.

“In email, ‘building an audience’ is synonymous with ‘building a list.’

I’m talking about building an engaged audience of people who love who you are and what you do. That’s a deeper level. And while it may sound difficult …

If you’ve been following what I’ve been saying,

You’ll know that it just takes connecting on belief to make that happen.

Talk about what you believe in,

And the people who resonate will follow you for a long time, because no one else is going to connect with them on that level.

At the very least,

That’s what I’ve done in every significant project I’ve worked on, whether it be my own business, or my clients, and it’s always worked.

Maybe not as fast as you might like,

But that’s just life. If you crack the whip like the beast in that last level, you might drive some small percentage of people forward, faster – however in the long run, you will run out of resources and won’t end up with what you really desire.

Assuming you desire anything beyond limited short term gains.

That’s what Mount Stupid is all about,

For us as copywriters who have dedicated ourselves to this path of mastery. The messaging that draws people up Mount Stupid is all about that short term gain.

If you want to be in this for the long haul,

If you want to always bring positive value to your clients no matter what …

Take the long path. Take the slow path. Raise the floor.

Think Power.

Not Force.”

I stand up and walk over to the window,

The sky is clear, it’s sunny.

The snow is starting to melt.

“You’ve got everything you need now.

It’s time for you to face the final challenge.”