Saferoom – Level 4

… You step through the gateway and are right back where you expect. You walk over and have a seat by the fire.

I am waiting there.

“Ok so, I get this thing about the Epiphany” – you say

I nod.

You flip through the book to the pages beyond ‘Clarity.’

“I suppose this is some added element of Clarity isn’t it?”

I nod.

“Ok, what do I do with all this?”

I lean back and put my feet up on the stone hearth.

“The Epiphany is one of the most powerful tools you can use.

It’s not easy.

But the concept is relatively simple.

Give someone a new understanding that forever changes the way they see their reality.

I take a sip of my coffee.

“So, you want me to change people’s realities?” you question

I get up from my chair to stoke the fire.

“Think of Epiphany not like a big new understanding.

You can certainly give people that in the right moment. But it doesn’t have to be something so large and difficult to attain.

Think of it like a little crack.

A little chip in the glass of their reality.

The glass is clear usually. They are looking through it to see the reality they think is real. When you put a chip or a crack in the glass, it’s impossible to look at their reality and NOT see the chip.”

You nod and think about this.

“Well, ok how do I put a chip in their reality?”

I turn back, sit down and lean forward

“I can’t profess to be one who knows everything about this particular spell.

So I just focus on the dynamic of the chip, of the crack.

All I have to do to make a chip or a crack is show you an alternate possibility. Enough to make you question.

The more I know you, the easier it is to present a new idea, or new version of an idea.

The better I know your beliefs the more possible this is.”

I walk over to the bookshelf, and pull out a thin leaflet.

“Let me give you a simple example.”

I open the leaflet and flip through a couple pages.

“You might think that, in order to sell well by email, you need to actively focus on selling the thing you want to sell.

That makes sense right?

A lot of email copywriters and marketers out there point towards a structure of automated email series which actively work to sell as much as possible.

But I can show you a welcome email series here, which doesn’t sell, but which doubled the conversion rate to sale from email for my client’s business.

Here, take this.”

I hand you the leaflet, which contains the email series for you to look through. (That link will take you to a google drive folder)

“If you recall from previous levels, what I did there is what you learned.

I talked primarily of my client’s beliefs.

Why they do and teach what they teach.

This created an unassailable bond with their prospects, and made it MORE obvious than anything else, for people to buy.”

I sit back to let you think about it.

“Now, if you believed you had to sell a certain way by email,

And I just showed you it’s possible to get the outcome desired (more sales) by doing things a different way,

That’s a little chip in your window.”

I get up from my chair and walk over to the window. It’s snowing again.

“The book you have is important. Epiphany is a part of Clarity – that’s why when you came upon it, your book was enhanced. You’ll need that in future levels.

You’ve gone through 4 now.

There are 3 more.

You have everything you need to proceed.”