Saferoom – Level 3

… You leap through the gateway, unsure how long it will last. Tripping over the rug you stumble to your knees.

You’re back in The Cabin.

The Saferoom.

As you dust yourself off …

“Oh good, you found it.” I remark, leaning against the fireplace.

“Dude … what the HELL” you are breathing heavily.

“The world is a crazy place isn’t it? Well, the marketing world anyway.” I lazily walk up to you and help you to your feet

Then I look down at the book in your hands and give it a smack.

“Did you read what it says yet?”

You glance down at the book in your hands,

After a brief moment it magically opens to the page …


On the following page are a few symbols you don’t recognize.

“Don’t worry about what that says,” I say, walking over to one of the chairs by the fire.

“All you need to know is that book is a useful spell. You’ll need it later.”

You close the pages.

“Ok …” you start talking “What is … Clarity?”

I smile,

“Well in this case, you’ve gained Clarity on one simple truth. Can you guess what it is?”

You think back through the level you just experienced, being forced down different paths … in retrospect it was odd the threats were always neutralized right before they got to you.

“Uh … you can’t make me do what you want?”

“YES. No one can. You can’t make anyone else do what you want either.”

I pause as you consider this.

“But … isn’t copywriting about persuading people to do this?”

I sit down and lean forward, gesturing for you to join me by the fire.

“This is where you have to make a choice.

CAN you persuade people to do things?

Yes and no.

That experience you just had – you could have been driven to an end point, or lost in the process. That’s what most people do.

I don’t believe in that.

Because I know that people believe what they believe, want what they want, and in my opinion it’s a much better path to lead them in the direction that serves them best, rather than try to push them down a path I want them to take.

When you resisted the force being applied on you, a doorway opened, which you chose to take because it’s what you really wanted.”

You nod

“Yea ok but … what is persuasion in copywriting then?”

I walk over and pull another book from the shelf,

This one says ‘Persuasion.’

“Have you read this? I can’t give you this one, but I suspect you’re familiar.

If you’ve actually read through the pages,

It’s not about manipulation. It’s more about aligning yourself with the expectations and interests of the other person.

There are some tricks in there, but most people don’t get them right.

Like the reciprocity.

Also, you CAN use tools of persuasion to manipulate. But you don’t have to.

I certainly don’t like to.”

I absent mindedly flip through the pages of the book

“Look friend, this is another point where you’ve got to decide who you want to be and what you want to do.

I believe in leading people to the place they want to go,

NOT trying to manipulate them down a path I want them to go.”

I look at you narrow eyed,

As if trying to figure out who you are.

“Keep that spellbook.

You’ll need it.”

And then I walk over to the bookshelf, sifting through, I slip another book into my hands.

“THIS book you can have. You may find it useful in your search for clarity and answers on your journey.”

The book is simply titled “Clarity”

“Now … good luck.”

I sit back down by the fire and stare at it in quiet contemplation.