Saferoom – Level 1

… You step through the ethereal gateway as you feel the heat of the flames crackling against the building.

And then all is calm.

You still feel the heat …

But you notice you’re in a quaint and calm log cabin.

There’s a stone hearth to your left reaching up to the vaulted wood ceiling. A crackling fire seems to echo the flames of the monster … but as you take in your surroundings that feeling fades and you’re calm.

A thick high backed chair sits behind you.

And in front of you is another one, with me sitting in it.

I regard you for a moment, coffee in my hand.

“You made it”

Was that a question? You wonder.

“Yea, I’m here.” You glance around and have a seat. I hand you a coffee.

“This” I gesture around “Is The Saferoom.”

You look around at the rustic cabin. The windows reveal snow and pine trees.

“Why here?” You ask.

“Eh. This kind of space has always felt calming to me.”

“I don’t want to waste your time. While you CAN stay here for a little bit, you must continue through the levels or you won’t make it.”

“What happens if I just leave and don’t come back?” You glance toward the door

“You always have that option. But you’ll leave with questions unanswered, without the guidance and understanding you seek. And of course, I can’t help you further if you leave.”

You regard me quietly for a moment

I put my coffee down, “Look, I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you that my way is the way.

Anyone telling you their way is the only or best way to do this is trying to sell you something at best, and full of shit at worse.

Most likely both.

I’ve come to my way of doing things because there are certain things I value above money.

Relationships. Helping people. Making a difference. Having integrity with my actions and my message. My family and how my children see me.

Knowing myself.

Constantly learning and growing and where I’m certain to have the life I want.

I came through the same trial you did because I found a way that I could use copywriting as a craft to make the impact I wished without sacrificing my values.”

You chuckle. “That sounds like a pipe dream.”

I grin.

“Its funny because when you break down good lasting copy and marketing to principles – its not about manipulation. You can do it all an remain in alignment with who you are and your values, no matter what.

There are a million and one ways to work as a copywriter.

I’m not here to convince you one way or another. I’m just going to show you what I believe and know to be true, and hopefully that helps you get through the game.

Level 1, which you just went through, introduced you to The Battle for Mount Stupid.

Which is the battle everyone else seems to be fighting.

I’ve no interest in it.”

You interject – “Mount Stupid? I didn’t get a chance to ask you more about that …”

“Yea, you know the Dunning Krueger Curve? That’s the one where as you are learning a new skill, you start to get good, and before too long you think you know it all and your way is best. Smart people then discover that they actually don’t know anything, they fall off Mount Stupid into The Valley of Despair …

And that’s when the real work begins.

The long climb of mastery.

If you have any interest in doing well with Copywriting for years to come, to make the money you desire, to get what you want in life …

I believe you owe it to yourself to embrace Copywriting as a Craft of Mastery.

And Mastery is a lifelong path.

It’s the path I walk.”

I get up from my chair and walk over the fire to stoke the flames.

“You might see me as an expert, but I see myself as a student.

I’m walking this path just the same as you … just so happens I’ve been walking it long enough that I can turn around now and start helping those following to navigate, to avoid the pitfalls, the demons, the threats.

Turns out, while everyone fighting over Mount Stupid is trying to convince you there’s some special way, some trick, some manipulation hack that you can learn, that you need to study study study and at some magical point you’ll ‘be’ a copywriter …

In the end it’s just about the work

And it’s all about principles.

Most people get stuck on the form of what they are doing. The thing. The trick. The tactic. The strategy.

In fact, I’m supposed to talk to you on that level. Because that’s where your mind probably is. The secret scripts to writing copy that multiplies your clients income.”

I sit back down and lean forward,

“But, that’s why I created this game world you are now going through.

I can’t in good alignment with my own beliefs sell you on some secrets that aren’t really secrets, even if that will make me more money.

I lean back and let you ponder that for a moment.

“Ok … how do I ‘win’ this game?” – you reply

I smile.

“Great question.

You win by not losing.

That’s a sub lesson, by the way, which you can learn more about if you get through the levels and continue in my world afterwards.

But here’s how THIS game works.

You just experienced Level 1.

That was the starting tower, next to the plane of the marketing battlefield before Mount Stupid.

You avoided the temptations and traps of coercion, reached the bottom in one piece, and jumped to safety here before going to the next level.

Level 1 was all about understanding the choice that lies before you.

Do you fight in the blood bath over Mount Stupid?

Or do you accept the long trek past The Valley of Despair on The Path of Mastery?

In this ‘game’ you’ve gained the upgrade of personal clarity – because if you can accept this as a Path of Mastery, you’ll be far stronger as you continue.”

“Ok ok. I think I get it” you say “But …

You still haven’t told me who the heck you are.”

Nodding, I continue …

“My name is Joseph Robertson (though, you probably know that much since you have to walk past my name several times to get here)

I am a writer. I work as an email copywriter and a strategic systems architect. I’m often hired by my clients for my unique ability to take the very excellent video and audio of those experts and turn it into multi million dollar copy.

I use copywriting as one of my tools.

I work with AI has one of my tools.

Overall my copywriting work is more about helping businesses create systems that result in the inevitability of the outcome they desire (no matter what happens).

Once I realized how to build systems of inevitability, I couldn’t work any other way.

I find the certainty of an outcome more powerful and valuable than the quantity and speed of it (besides, once you establish the certainty, then you can apply speed effectively – more on that another time).

I focus on building relationships, create amazing experiences, and aligning people’s beliefs such that taking action with the business is the obvious choice.

I am also the lead writer for The Guardian Academy.

There I write about the guiding Philosophies and Principles for life which we follow in TGA, and which inform my work here.

I also help new and experienced copywriters master Email and AI to help clients as well as themselves grow and build the inevitable outcomes they desire. If that describes you, then you might be interested in New Email Masters and AI Email Masters.

AI Email Masters is a course on leveraging AI as a working copywriter – it’s not about secret prompts or tricks. It’s about integrating the tool effectively and consistently.

I’m currently in the final stages of the Beta version of the course – you can get it for a discount here if that sounds interesting to you:

Sign up for AI Email Masters here. (this link will take you to an order page on The Success Finder, a platform I have used for production of the AI Email Masters course)

Now that you know me, it’s time to go on to the next step:

I can’t tell you what Level 2 is going to be all about …

But I can say that there’s something in that Level you MUST get in order to continue.

It manifests in the form of a person.

If you’re ready …

Just head on back to your email, the next level awaits you.