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No Rabbit Hole

No Rabbit Hole You’ve decided to not Go Down The Rabbit Hole today and wait until tomorrow for your next email. No problem. But, Maybe you just wanted to wait on the next email and still explore The Rabbit Hole now? Just in case … Here it is (from the beginning, you can click through … Read More

So You’re Interested …

So You’re Interested … Thank you for your interest! You’ve been “segmented” in my email system based off your activity. In the future I’ll email you about more specific subjects (namely, what you just showed interest in my clicking). For now, you can go back to enjoying the rest of the series you were in … Read More

… Down the Rabbit Hole …

… Down the Rabbit Hole … Welcome intrepid adventurer … Come over, have a seat. If you have yourself a cup of coffee, great! I usually do Before I get into how I’m not “selling” you what I have to sell … Let me tell you what this is all about here. In my past … Read More

The One Undying Need

Advertising is based on one thing. Happiness. You know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from Fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road which screams with reassurance that whatever you are doing, it’s ok. You are ok. – MadMen, Donald Draper I love this scene … Read More