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My Experience & Focus

You Doctrine Series

The perfect convergence of relationship building, belief bridging, and engagement nurturing using automated email series to get new prospects into your world, speaking your language, and nodding their heads to everything you say. (Sign up to my email list to experience my You Doctrine Series)

Belief Marketing

The fundamentals of human behavior and decision making are rooted in belief. Our entire reality is built on what we believe and why we believe it. Belief marketing has us answer the question “What MUST my prospect believe in order for buying to be obvious.” When we understand this AND our prospect well, we can align our beliefs in a way which leads people to the obvious action (buying our products/services).

Direct Response

If you get into my world (sign up to my email list), you’ll discover that I treat Direct Response with a reverence to real human behavior, tapping into the old wisdom that the best marketing is about LEADING people who want to be lead. When this view is embraced with a high degree of technical skill throughout all of your marketing strategies and tactics, there is no more effective way to create long term raving customers.