Hi I’m Joseph, I turn great video and audio into multi-million dollar copy

I write for Lukas Resheske, Nic Peterson, Laurel Portié, and The Guardian Academyhome to Joe Polish, Dr. Jeff Spencer, Andre Norman, Dan John, and many other purpose driven leadersNew Email Masters Tzar and Creator of AI Email MastersCreator of The Inevitable Email System – foundation to multi-million dollar businesses.

And forever a student on the Path of Mastery.

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Who the hell am I and what is this?

I’ve made my living turning the unique ideas and voices of powerful personalities into multi-million dollar copy.

Having gone through the grinder of figuring out how to work and live as a freelance copywriter, I’ve decided to help other creatives like me.

Especially those who have had enough, who’ve climbed and fallen from mount stupid and are ready to do the work on the path of mastery.

I’m supposed to make this page a lot more complicated, and try to convince you to join my email list. But chances are, being here, you’re already interested.

So instead for now, I’m just going to do enough.

Here are people and groups I’ve written for (my kind of people):

  • The Guardian Academy
  • Lukas Resheske
  • Laurel Portié (Ad Coaching for $7)
  • Nic Peterson
  • The Success Finder
  • Extracted Magazine

I suspect … if you’re thinking about subscribing to my email list, you may wonder:

“Is this going to be good?”

“Am I going to like it?”

Is it going to be worth my time?”

I could show you many testimonials of people who love what I do. But, I’ll give you a free lesson here:

Your reality trumps everyone else’s opinion (mine included).

(and copywriters can be very good at making you think reality is something other than you experience)

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Decide for yourself if they are enjoyable or not.

Then you can either go deeper, or walk away. The choice is yours 🙂